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Lighting Consultant


Lighting design impacts the way that you experience a space. Whether you are working on a commercial project or renovating your own home, employing a lighting consultant will help you to get the most out of your project. 

What is a lighting consultant?


Lighting consultants work with architects, interior designers, builders and clients to design and implement a lighting scheme that enhances the architecture whilst maintaining the desired character and feel of your space. We establish how you use the space and the goals of your project then work within your timeframe and budget to provide calculated recommendations of what you need to get the best results. 

What services do you provide?


Our services are based on your needs and are customised to the project. We consult via phone, email, video call or can perform site visits. Common services that we provide include:

Lighting Plan

Working from the project CAD Plans (floor plans) we produce a lighting plan including a 2D Reflective Ceiling Plan (RCP). This will include the position of luminaries and all other relevant information that can be handed directly to the electrician. 

3D Render

A 3D render will be produced to create a visual representation of the space showing furnishings and fixtures. It will include heat map information and lighting calculations. 

Recommend Suitable Products & Brands

We can also create a lighting schedule with a full list of suitable products and brands that will provide the desired outcome.

Supply Lighting

As a distributor of lighting products in Austria, HK&JOY can supply you with quality products you need to complete your project.


Project Management


We can manage your lighting project from the design stage through installation.

Types Of Projects


We offer consultation services for a range of project types. We recognise that every project is different and requires different deliverables. Some projects are much larger and more complex than others, so require more time for a consultation. The typical projects that we work with include offices, residential, retail spaces, art galleries and museums.

What is the cost?


The cost of a lighting consultancy will depend on the size and complexity of your project. We offer a free ten minute consultation via phone or video call. For more than 10 Minutes: €199 + VAT / Hour Lighting Plans start @ €499 + VAT (depending on the size of the project)

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